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So while the name of our office is Child and Teen Counseling, and the majority of our population that we work with is Child and Teen clients, we are able to and have worked with adults and couples on many different occasions.

So there's several different focuses when it comes to couples therapy. At Child and Teen Counseling, it really depends a lot on what the couple is bringing in. If they want to work on trust, then we can talk about trust building exercises. A lot of couples are working on communication issues, whether or not they are too defensive or they're accusatory when they are speaking with their partner. We can also work on just gaining a deeper understanding of the emotions of your partner on any given day.

So a lot of times couples think that when they attend therapy that it means that there's something broken within their relationship, but that's not always the case. Yes, some couples will come to therapy because of a specific incident. Could be infidelity, could be financial issues, or something like that. But there are also reasons to come to therapy for couples that don't necessarily facilitate some sort of major incident, right? Couples that want to learn to build better habits with each other. Couples that want to just strengthen the enjoyment that they have together. Or maybe even couples that just want to work on deciding how they want to parent their child in a particular path. Right? And I think that's one of the benefits of couples therapy, is really giving yourself an open space that allows you to talk with this third party who has the expertise, who can help to guide you and your partner to make these decisions that help to strengthen your bond.

All. So you can find all of this information and more at our website, childteamcounseling.org. We've got information on couples counseling, we've got information on all of our therapists, and we hope to see you soon.

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Having one teammate in life is no easy feat. Sometimes, you feel that if you could just get on the same page… if your teammate could just understand your point of view, everything will work out. Whether it’s disagreements about parenting, arguments over money or any other obstacle to feeling connected, we want to help strengthen the communication, empathy and understanding between you and your spouse/partner. Couples counseling doesn’t have to wait until there’s a crisis where one or both of you have a foot out the door already. In fact, couples counseling often works better when both people are engaged and open to the process. We take the time to make sure you are both heard and help you find positive ways to diffuse tensions and repair the loving connection that you both want.

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