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So, you’re in grad school and wondering where to do your traineeship at. It can be a daunting decision, for sure. Where will you get the training that helps you launch your career as an eventual licensed mental health professional? Child & Teen Counseling will not be the right place for every trainee, but perhaps it will be for you. These are the qualities in pre-licensed candidates who will have the opportunity to thrive at Child & Teen Counseling:

  • Excited and passionate in connecting with kids and teens
  • Fascinated by the ways in which one can support parents in better connecting with their kids and partners
  • Dedicated professionals that will treat their experience at Child & Teen Counseling with respect towards themselves, their clients and their fellow staff members
  • An ability to have fun and engage with others in a positive way
  • A desire and appreciation for the discipline it will take to work toward a potential future private practice career path
  • Work and learn amongst other pre-licensed and professional therapists at our location with our big sister affiliate, Teen Therapy Center

All trainees will be provided with supervision and mentoring from staff at Teen Therapy Center to work towards not only learning how to effectively work therapeutically with kids, teens and families but also how to start mapping out one’s own private practice once licensed!


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