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Worried just can’t catch a break. There are so many things that Worried agonizes over: being judged by others, not being good enough, underperforming on a test or perhaps even if Worried’s parents are going to get into another screaming match. Sometimes, Worried gets caught up in even bigger stresses that don’t seem to have solutions. Those can be intrusive thoughts that lead Worried to be behaviorally compulsive and try to avoid touching things that should be relatively harmless or feeling a need to walk through a doorway with only the left foot first, just to name a couple of possible examples. To someone without these anxieties or obsessions, it may be hard to understand. Worried knows how other people see these behaviors and that amplifies the feelings of anxiety because now Worried feels that these thoughts, feelings and behaviors need to be hidden… leading to more things to worry about.

There are countless reasons why Worried is constantly worrying. Even if Worried can resolve one problem, another takes its place. That’s because there is an underlying emotional need that needs to be addressed. At Child & Teen Counseling, we aim to help Worried slow down the thought process and help to create a pattern of more conscious decision making. The more we help Worried shine a light on the fears by talking about it in a safe and non-judgmental setting, the better Worried will be in seeing the fears and obsessions for what they really are… distractions from a healthier self acceptance… which can be really scary!


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