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Speaker 2 You. Basically, once a week, I'll go and provide therapy for kids that want it. Pretty much just need help, but can't really afford going to a private practice site. Speaker 3 Therapy on campus program is where trainees are assigned to a specific location. So, like a high school where I'm going. And we provide free therapy for the students. Speaker 2 They don't really know how to ask for help. And the teachers are part of the process of reaching out and reaching out to therapists, just getting help for kids that really need it. Speaker 3 And we work with students who want to be in therapy at the school. Speaker 2 They might not have that education enough to know what the full benefits are until we get there and we meet them, which is a big part of what we do as well, which is a part that I enjoy giving to them. Speaker 3 But I think it's also important that they just have that easy access. When they're at school and they're already there, they can just go to the room and gain free therapy that way. Speaker 2 And it's been a great experience. Honestly, I think it's great, and I think it's super helpful for the clients. Come on.


As part of our mission to make therapy more accessible, Child & Teen Counseling partners with local schools to provide services to students free of charge. Our goal is to reach out and help families that wouldn’t be able to afford therapy services otherwise. In this program, Marriage and Family Therapist Trainees under licensed supervision travel to the host school and provide the services right on campus during school hours.

In addition to the benefit that services provide students, the program has also been successful at creating an awareness about the value of therapy itself in the student population.

If you’re interested in supporting our Therapy on Campus Program, please consider giving! Your donations help cover the costs of the Therapy on Campus Program and our mission to help kids, teens and families live happier lives.

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