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“One of the best things in the world to be is a boy; it requires no experience but needs some practice to be a good one.”

  • Charles Dudley Warner


The Middle School Boy’s Group is Child & Teen Counseling’s group therapy for boys aged 11-14. This age presents its own set of challenges every boy must confront. In a group therapy setting  boys have the opportunity to learn not just from the therapists, but also from each other.

Here are a few of the things group therapy can help with:

  • Making friends
  • Navigating masculinity
  • Building emotional maturity
  • Refining social skills
  • Accountability
  • Understanding depression and anxiety 
  • Conflict resolution
  • Flexibility and teamwork
  • Creative problem solving
  • Personal insight
  • Assertiveness
  • And many others…

This group is not just about education and support, but also fun! The Middle School Boys Group supports young men with the skills they need to break down barriers, build friendships and have positive interactions with parents, siblings, teachers, and everyone else. Group therapy can provide validation, empowerment and a unique experience of growth alongside their peers. Through games, discussions, and exercises, group therapy provides young men the ability to master their emotions in real time in the context of an authentic social experience. 

As preteens/new teens move into a distinctly social period of life, having the opportunity to share their life with peers in a therapy setting gives them an immeasurable advantage when the trials and tribulations of High School arrive. Furthermore, with practice from their time in the group, boys are much more prepared for meeting life’s future obstacles with strength and resilience.

Growing into an adult is a challenging process for young men, and each year new challenges arise. The Middle School boy’s Group helps them explore difficult questions and build toward a better understanding of themselves.

Child & Teen Counseling’s Francesco Onorati, and Ralph Huang host the Middle School Boy’s Group every Tuesday from 6-7:30pm. The price is $30/session. Get in touch with them here for more information. To find out more about the team, check out our staff page here.

More About Group Therapy

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