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Let's talk about child therapy. Here at Child and Teen Counseling, we approach therapy for children through play, because that is how all humans communicate it's through play. Now, adults play much differently than little kids. For example, when you go to your end of the year office party, what you do and how you be cave is going to look very different than your eight year old's end of the school year summer pool party. But they're both equally play.

And play for a child is practice for adult life. It teaches kids how to connect with and understand others. It teaches them how to deal with frustrating setbacks and how to process their feelings in a healthy way. So the clinicians here at Child and Teen Counseling train on how to utilize play and other creative outlets to help kids feel safe and engaged in the therapeutic process, thereby strengthening your child's ability to build self esteem, cope with big emotions, and communicate more effectively with friends, family members and other  trusted adults.

Now, there will be times when kids just want to come in and sit and talk the whole session, and that is totally fine. That is still a form of play. It's a connection with a therapist. However, I have to admit, most children are going to want to be more active in session. So when your kid is at Child and Teen Counseling, he or she is benefiting from play with a clinician who knows how to guide that play towards nurturing, more resiliency, empathy and a more mature emotional awareness. None of these goals are achieved in just one session. However, with consistent therapy on a weekly basis, we do our very best to work towards these aims for the happiness and well being of your child. I want to thank you for your interest in how we approach child therapy, and please give us a call, email us. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have regarding therapy for your child. Bye.  

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A safe place to talk

Did you ever have a favorite aunt or grandfather? Or perhaps it was your next-door neighbor when you were a kid who you just loved spending time with? Someone you felt safe with, and that person was patient with you. You were always excited to be with that special someone. They accepted you with no expectations.

In child therapy we work to build that type of healthy and safe relationship with your child. While it’s always great to have that positive role model in that favorite family member, our child therapists offer experienced and educated insight to understanding a growing child’s developmental process.

Parent Involvement

To ensure a successful therapy journey, we want parents to understand the necessity of being involved. Here at CTC, we help you to fully understand how to meet your child’s unique needs based on his/her specific level of emotional and mental well-being. Moreover, when there is more than one child in the family, there is often the need to have more than one strategy. What works for one, might not work for the other!

Our child therapists have the education and training to know what those subtle differences are. We will never treat our clients using a cookie-cutter approach. We will never treat our clients with a one-size-fits-all philosophy. Our therapists will specifically plan a strategy to help your child with his/her particular and unique needs in mind. We aim to develop and strengthen (or repair):

  • Coping Skills – in dealing with a tragedy or tough situation, or general anxiety about everyday life
  • Emotional Awareness – so he/she can feel more confident in social situation or enhance the ability to be more empathetic with others
  • Peer and Family Relationships – when there’s fighting at home, struggling with teachers or making/keeping friends

It’s All About Play

In child therapy we often use art and play as a means to build a strong therapeutic relationship. Kids find it more comfortable to communicate through play or art, especially during the sensitive process of helping a child to build trust. Through our play and art therapy, children often can convey their feelings and thoughts more honestly. At CTC, we understand the basic requirements that all humans need in order to be honest with our emotions:

  • A feeling of being in a safe environment (trust)
  • Knowing that ALL and ANY emotions they have will be met with acceptance (dignity)
  • Believing that emotions will not be used against him/her (safety)

The Healing Journey

The therapeutic journey will give your child new found access to emotional healing. Parents are a big part of the treatment team as there is no one more important to a child’s life than the parents. Your clinician at Child & Teen Counseling will offer you guidance on how you can support and nurture your kid through this time and work to repair relationships when needed.

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