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Date: 07/06/2023

Title: The BroOp, Mondays at Child & Teen Counseling

00:00:25 Speaker 1
Oh, hi

00:00:26 Speaker 2
What are you guys doing?

00:00:33 Speaker 3
I was defending my honor. At least trying to.

00:00:37 Speaker 1
We were actually setting up for the Bro up, which is a new boys group here at childhood teen counseling. You know what?

00:00:46 Speaker 3
That is what we were doing. Thanks for reminding me.

00:00:50 Speaker 1

00:00:50 Speaker 3
The group that we're starting is for high school age guys. And the way that we're kind of looking at it is there's school, family, and friends, and in between, there's a space there for guys to develop aspects of themselves that they might not otherwise explore.

00:01:08 Speaker 1
Right. We're developing a group so guys can come in and talk about any issues that might be going on in their life and just have a comfortable space.

00:01:16 Speaker 2
Okay, well, keep up the good work. I guess.

00:01:30 Speaker 2
Aren'T you guys supposed to be setting up for Bro Op?

00:01:33 Speaker 1
Well, actually, we don't really set up for Bro Op. We just kind of come in, play games and talk about whatever you want to talk about.

00:01:41 Speaker 3
I don't really think we're supposed to be doing anything. That's not really the type of group that the Bro Op is going to be.

00:01:48 Speaker 2

00:01:52 Speaker 2
Have you guys seem ben and safe?

00:01:54 Speaker 1
I think they're in the group room over there.

00:01:56 Speaker 2
Okay, thanks. Who these jokers are up to?

00:02:04 Speaker 2
This is ridiculous. This cannot be related to your group.

00:02:10 Speaker 1
Yeah, I know. A lot of what we do in here, it kind of seems unorthodox.

00:02:15 Speaker 3
I think maybe what you've seen here today is it looks like we're just messing around, but in fact, what we're doing is we are demonstrating the culture that we're creating in this group. And we believe this is a culture that will foster inclusion, trust, and courage that will lead members to feel more comfortable talking about real and important issues like friendships, stuff at school, difficulties at home.

00:02:43 Speaker 1 And if you're struggling to ask that person out to prom, remember to shoot your shot. Mondays at seven. P.

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Bro-Op: The Group for Guys in High School

We are thrilled to announce the launch of The BroOp, an exciting new group for high school-aged guys at Child & Teen Counseling. Led by Ben Lewis and Seif Jarrah, this group is designed to provide a supportive and empowering space for young men to connect and grow.

Starting on Monday, July 17th, The BroOp aims to foster meaningful relationships and promote mental well-being among its participants. We understand the unique challenges that young men face and believe that this group will serve as a valuable resource in navigating these challenges.

Recently, we had the opportunity to check in with Ben and Seif to see how their preparations for The BroOp were coming along. To our surprise, things didn’t go exactly as planned! But don’t worry, we captured the whole story in an engaging video that you won’t want to miss.

If you’re a high school-aged guy looking for a supportive community, The BroOp is the place to be. Join us on Monday, July 17th, and embark on this exciting journey of personal growth and connection. Stay tuned for the release of our video, where you’ll get a sneak peek into the world of The BroOp and learn more about what this group has to offer.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to be a part of The BroOp – a space where you can be yourself, forge lasting friendships, and explore your potential. We can’t wait to welcome you to The BroOp family!

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