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Sad feels so hopeless sometimes. There may be one or perhaps many things that are happening in Sad’s world that Sad can’t control… and it hurts. Maybe Sad’s parents are divorcing or Sad lost a best friend. Sad may feel incredibly lonely. It could be that Sad has been hurt by a peer or a grown up and Sad doesn’t know how to talk about it or who to turn to for help. Sometimes it seems that no one can understand why the sadness is even there… but it is and it’s not going away. Whatever the reason is, Sad is suffering and the ability to find strength and comfort is getting more and more elusive every day.

At Child & Teen Counseling, we assist Sad to better identify, explore and express the painful feelings. This helps to create an environment where Sad feels more understood and emotionally supported. Grief and loss can often find relief when they can be shared with others who can offer empathy. It is the empathy that our counselors offer that help open the door towards healing those hurt feelings, finding a more confident voice and developing the resiliency to better navigate through obstacles as they present themselves.


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