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Wondering if family therapy can help you? Ask yourself a these questions: Does it sometimes feel like everyone in the house speaks a different language? Does it feel like a contest to see who can yell the loudest? Family communication is so important to having peace and safety in the home for not only your kids… but you too! Perhaps there has been a loss in the family and you all are needing a way to heal together. Family Therapy at Child & Teen Counseling offers you and your family a place to sit down, share ideas and nurture a healthier understanding of everyone’s needs and how to accommodate them.

In family therapy we help both sides to learn how to speak with each other and understand one another more genuinely. This nurtures a deeper sense of empathy within your family. It also reduces the arguments and misunderstanding. Those things can create a stubborn and divisive wedge between parents and kids. We help remove that wedge. The result is that you can build a relationship that is based on an honest connection.

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