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Kent Toussaint

Kent Toussaint smiling warmly

Kent Toussaint is both a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. He holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, Los Angeles. Kent is the Founder, President and Clinical Director of Teen Therapy Center, A Marriage and Family Counseling Corporation in Woodland Hills, California. His practice focuses on helping kids, teens and families live happier lives.

Kent has also trained pre-licensed and licensed therapists to effectively support and empower young people and their parents since 2009. He has become a leader in the field of adolescent treatment. Additionally he provides educational seminars to mental health professionals and interns throughout Los Angeles.

Kent formerly served on the non-profit board of the San Fernando Valley Chapter of the California Association or Marriage and Family Therapists. He held the positions of:

  • Pre-Licensed Representative 2006
  • Member at Large 2007
  • Chief Financial Officer 2008 – 2009

After operating in private practice, eventually Kent began to feel strongly about making mental health services more accessible to people across the economic spectrum. In 2017 he founded Child & Teen Counseling with the goal of making therapy available to people of all budgets. Kent has acted as Child & Teen Counseling’s Executive Director since its inception.

In addition to supervising and leading the staff at Child & Teen Counseling, Kent continues to work directly with clients at Teen Therapy Center. You can often find Kent delivering workshops at local parent organizations as well. Catch Kent every Wednesday at noon answering parent’s questions on his Facebook Live segment, Tips on Teens.

Listen to Kent talk more about Child & Teen Counseling here.

Sheri Strahl

Sheri Strahl smiles warmly

With a Master’s degree in public health from California State University, Northridge, Sheri Strahl has excelled as an executive administrator, patient advocacy leader, and public speaker. She has been on the executive teams of some of the largest non-profits in California, providing critical strategic visioning and effective leadership. In addition, she was a lecturer at California State University, Northridge for more than a decade, teaching undergraduate and graduate-level courses. Ms. Strahl is a recognized expert in her field and has traveled nationally and internationally to present original research and model programs at numerous conferences including the annual conferences of the American Public Health Association, the Child Welfare League of America, and the National Council for Community Behavioral Health.

Bennett Goldberg

Bennett Goldberg smiling warmly

Bennett I. Goldberg has been in private practice as a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) since 2014, where he specializes in child, adolescent and young adult psychotherapy. He has extensive experience in ADHD, childhood Depression/Anxiety and Spectrum Disorder. Along with experience as a child therapist, Bennett has extensive experience (1980 – 2005) as a television director/producer and a motion picture post production executive at LucasFilm Ltd, Moviola and Deluxe Digital Studios (Ascent Media).

Bennett is currently an adjunct instructor at USC and UCLA Film schools and has acted as a special advisor to the Board of Directors of American Cinema Editors and former instructor at the Directors Guild of America (DGA) Technical Direction Program. He has been a frequent speaker at the Sundance and Hollywood Film Festivals and a special guest lecturer at the Cannes Film Festival.

Bennett received his B.S in Biology from California State University in 1974, his B.A. in Communications from Johns Hopkins in 2009 and his M.A. in Psychology from Phillip’s Graduate Institute in 2013. Upon graduation from California State University Northridge (CSUN), Bennett joined Touche Ross & Company where he was a manager in their Actuarial Department. He began work as a field producer for ABC’s 20/20 in 1980 and soon after moved into television direction and technical direction. In 1984 Bennett transitioned into freelance motion picture film editing and in 1987 he accepted a position at LucasFilm’s EditDroid where he became the Senior Vice President of Operations.

Kathryn Howard

Kathryn Howard smiling warmly

Kathryn Howard is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has a Pupil Personnel Service Credential specializing in Child Welfare. For the past 25 years she has been a champion for School-Based Family Therapy creating school therapy programs in K-12 charter, public and private schools.  She was also the School Counseling Department Chair for Philips Graduate University inspiring the next generation of school counselors.

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