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Happy is what we all want our kids to be. In fact we want our kids to by Happy all the time. Of course, no one is. However, with proper emotional support, our kids can often be Happy. What makes a kid Happy?

  1. being able to accept one’s imperfect self
  2. feeling unconditionally loved and supported by parents and trusted adults
  3. having the opportunity to freely express one’s self emotionally
  4. living within reasonable boundaries compassionately set by authority figures
  5. freedom to learn from mistakes without shame
  6. a life where physical dignity and safety are prioritized

As parents we will not always be able to guarantee that list at every moment of every day. We can’t control the world. All we can do is do our best to offer our empathy, compassion, love and guidance to ensure that list is provided to our kids as much as we know how to do. The more we can focus on creating an environment of respect and dignity by not only sharing that with our kids, but also making sure the we model that behavior by treating ourselves with dignity and self-respect, the better we will be able to nurture our kids towards Happy so they can eventually create it on their own as the reach toward adulthood.


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