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More Than A Seif Choice

My name is Safe Jarrah. I am a therapist trainee here at Child Teeth Counseling, supervised by Kent Toussant. A little bit about me. I'm currently in grad school at Pepperdine University, and before this, I used to work with kids with autism doing Aba therapy. And through that, I kind of got an understanding of the therapy world and a drive to want to further my education.
I wanted to work with kids and teens because it's an opportunity for me to be able to harness a lot of my therapeutic skills as well as gaining insight into how children and teens are so different from adults just in the way they think and behave. And I feel that I'm able to connect on that level because I am so young still and I'm able to fully be involved with the kids as they're going through this transition in life. A lot of issues that kids and teens are struggling with right now is anxiety and depression. And through my own experience, a lot of what they're dealing with has to come from family issues and school related issues. Something that surprised me when working with kids was my ability to kind of let my barriers down. As we get older, we kind of do what is expected of us by our age group and what is expected of us by society. But when working with kids, you need to be able to connect with them. And doing games and playing and doing art are all ways in which kids are able to talk and connect with each other. So my ability to kind of let my barrier down and bring out that inner child was something that surprised me. I think what Child and Teen Counseling brings to the community that not a lot of other places do is bringing an affordable resource to parents who are looking for support for their children. And we are also advocating for therapy all the time, whether it's through workshops or resource events for parents as well. I think just normalizing therapy for children is bringing wondrous benefits for the whole community in general.
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Introducing Seif Jarrah, a promising recent addition to our organization. With three months of experience under his belt, Seif has quickly found his footing. But what sets him apart? What drives him, and how does he access his own inner child to connect with the children he works with on a deeper level?

Discover the insights of this compassionate and introspective young fellow in this short video.

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