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Peter Merrell looks like he just threw a basketball right into the net

Peter Merrell Is a Really Nice Fellow

Title: Peter Merrell Is a Really Nice Fellow I think kids just bring a wonderful perspective about the world, and they bring such an amazing energy to the therapy room that is so unique to kids. And you don't really see in adults of therapy. You know, being with kids, playing games with them, learning what they're passionate about, hearing their interests is really fun. And being able to have that perspective of the world with a new client.
We play board games or just sit and talk, but I love to just have them talk about what they're interested in, what they're passionate about. Hearing my clients just talk about something they really care about and are really interested in and get really excited is my favorite thing to do with new clients. Yeah. Teens have a hard time connecting to their emotions and communicating their emotions. And that has been seen in a lot of my clients, of them having a hard time with families, relationships, friends. And a lot of that stems from them just not being able to communicate how they're feeling and setting boundaries and advocating for themselves. And so dealing with that has been a really big help for a lot of my clients in their lives, I have found. I was surprised by how mature kids can be and teenagers can be. They are able to really bring a certain emotional availability to the therapy room that I was not expecting from them. Yeah. I wanted to be a therapist because it is such a fulfilling job to be able to help people and to be that safe space for people and to be that person that people can open up to and trust, which they can't find in many places in their life. I would love for parents to know that therapy is a place for their kids to share what's going bad in their life, but what's also going great. We are their kids biggest supporters, and we're going to be there for the highs and the lows, and I think that's a really important part of therapy.
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Peter Merrell is a therapist trainee here at Child & Teen Counseling who started seeing clients in Spring. He’s a really pleasant, easy guy to talk to, but he happens to be a talented listener as well. Learning all about his clients is one of Peter’s favorite things about therapy for kids, so he’s definitely in the right place. Find out why Peter enjoys working with teens and who he believes are their biggest supporters in this short video.

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