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She’s Cool Fer Scher…

My favorite thing to do with clients when I first meet them is play Jenga because it's so fun and we have a type of Jenga that has questions on it, which I love. I didn't always know I wanted to be a therapist. I used to think I was going to be a doctor and I was headed that way up until like halfway through college and then got really more into psychology and mental health and ended up here. I just really, really liked it here.
When I interviewed, I really liked just like the space, the actual environment, and then all the people working here seemed really friendly and it seemed like I would get really good quality supervision and I felt like I would learn a lot here and have a good time. We see, obviously, people of different ages and you never know what to expect. You can have a super mature conversation with someone really young and then play a really fun game with someone a little more mature. And I don't know, it's always fun. I feel like one thing that has surprised me about working with kids and teens is that it's often more of a family process than I expected it to be. I think I first thought I would just have the kid I'm working with and that would be it. But it's a lot of collaboration with the family sometimes. I didn't expect that. I know a session was good when I feel like I've been completely honest and I can feel that my client has also been completely honest. I think there's something really valuable about being completely vulnerable with someone and so seeing people open up like that when maybe they haven't before, those are good sessions for me.
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Haley Scher has become a vital member of Child & Teen Counseling since she began seeing clients in March. If working with kids, teens and families were a rodeo, you could say she really took the bull by the horns! Haley also courageously assumed the responsibility of facilitating our High School Girls Group too. So, what makes her job so interesting, and how does she do it? We ask tough questions and get into the mind of Haley in this short video.

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