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Sonja Bartlett pretends to be driving a car and smiles at the camera

Are Parents Blaming Themselves Too Much?

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Are parents blaming themselves too much? Sonja Bartlett thinks maybe they are. That’s just one of the insights she shares in our new video. Sonja has been on the gig now at Child & Teen Counseling for six months, so how’s it going? Hear her dish some real talk on the surprising joys of working with struggling kids, and how therapy can help a child or teen have a positive experience of themselves through a difficult chapter. We’ve got that and more sagely wisdom from Sonja Bartlett in this short video.

About The Author

Brian Frith-Smith
Brian Frith-Smith is the Office Manager and Marketing Coordinator of Child & Teen Counseling. He also serves the board as its Secretary and Treasurer. Brian brings a wealth of experience as a small business operator to the organization, and hopes to grow it into a household name for affordable mental health services in the Los Angeles area.

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