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Peter Merrell smiles warmly at the camera and is ready to talk about his experience at CTC

It’s a Wrap! with Peter Merrell

Peter Merrel has completed his training and leaves Child & Teen Counseling this week. We’re sad to see him go! During his almost year and half at our organization Peter made an impact by building connections with his clients and making them feel at ease, often through fun and playful activities.

Haley Scher smiles warmly and gets ready for her interview.

It’s a Wrap! with Haley Scher

Child & Teen Counseling’s Haley Scher has officially completed her masters program and is bidding adieu to us this month. We’re sad to see her go but very proud of the impact she has left behind. Haley’s work with our kids and teens was top notch. She also built our High School Girls Group into a buzzing hub of support and empowerment. None of it was easy, so what were the secrets to her success? Find out in our 90 second Haleymentary. Thank you Haley, we’ll miss you!

Sonja Bartlett pretends to be driving a car and smiles at the camera

Are Parents Blaming Themselves Too Much?

Are parents blaming themselves too much? Sonja Bartlett thinks maybe they are. That’s just one of the insights she shares in our new video. Sonja has been on the gig now at Child & Teen Counseling for six months, so how’s it going? Hear her dish some real talk on the surprising joys of working with struggling kids, and how therapy can help a child or teen have a positive experience of themselves through a difficult chapter. We’ve got that and more sagely wisdom from Sonja Bartlett in this short video.

Jennifer Koerner smiling warmly

Jennifer Koerner is CTC’s Queen of Christmas

Jennifer Koerner is a Professional Clinical Counselor Trainee at Child & Teen Counseling. So what does that mean, and how is it different from being Marriage and Family Therapist trainee? Jennifer reveals the answer to that question, and discusses what parents should know before sending their kids to therapy in this hard hitting, tell all interview. Plus, find out why she is CTC’s Queen of Christmas in this short video interview.

Jennifer also co-facilitates our High School Girls Group with Veronica Torres.

ben lewis smiles with hands folded in front of him

Carl Rogers + Mr. Rogers = Ben Lewis

Ben Lewis has been a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee at Child & Teen Counseling for five months. So what has he learned about communicating with kids and what do you get when you add up Carl Rogers and Mister Rogers?

We deliver therapy adjacent musings in this sleekly crafted video with original music by none other than Ben Lewis himself. Bonus: watch Ben relive his epic championship loss to Megan Young in our staff fantasy football league

adam ashkenazi poses thoughtfully

Adam Ashkenazi Is CTC’s Modern Man

Adam Ashkenazi is a therapist trainee at Child & Teen Counseling. He’s been providing services since September both in the office and as part of our Therapy on Campus program. He also co-facilitates our Middle School Boys Group. So why did he want to become a therapist in the first place? Also, what is his favorite “nerdy” pastime? Learn more about CTC’s new modern man in this short video.

Veronica Torres gives two peace signs and smiles

Veronica Torres Establishes Her Personality

Child & Teen Counseling is elated to have the brilliant Veronica Torres as part of our latest cohort of therapist trainees. Veronica has been seeing clients since September and we wanted to find out how it ‘s going.

In this short video she pontificates on impediments to personality establishment in teens, and how kids are a lot more self aware than people give them credit for. Watch the video and enjoy some of her insight!

Veronica also co-facilitates our High School Girls Group with Jennifer Koerner.

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