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Haley Scher smiles warmly and gets ready for her interview.

It’s a Wrap! with Haley Scher

For me, I think the most helpful thing was just the community. I think the fact that all the associates and all the trainees were really supportive. I think I'm proud of the level of connection that I had with my people and I'm proud of getting the girls group going when it kind of had a slump and kind of making that my own. I think I did a lot of work kind of behind the scenes with parents, like some parents of my clients. Just there's, you know, there's the work you do with your client, but then there's a lot of explaining and like building relationships with the families just to make sure they're supported on all sides. but I'm really gonna miss hanging out with these kids that I felt really connected to. I'm learning now that part of being a therapist is you get attached and invested in people's stories and then you don't get to see how those stories end.

Child & Teen Counseling’s Haley Scher has officially completed her masters program and is bidding adieu to us this month. We’re sad to see her go but very proud of the impact she has left behind. Haley’s work with our kids and teens was top notch. She also built our High School Girls Group into a buzzing hub of support and empowerment. None of it was easy, so what were the secrets to her success? Find out in this 90 second Haleymentary. Thank you Haley, we’ll miss you!

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Brian Frith-Smith
Brian Frith-Smith is the Office Manager and Marketing Coordinator of Child & Teen Counseling. He also serves the board as its Secretary and Treasurer. Brian brings a wealth of experience as a small business operator to the organization, and hopes to grow it into a household name for affordable mental health services in the Los Angeles area.

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