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Hari Simran Khalsa sits in a squashy chair and is ready to talk...

Checking In with Hari Simran Khalsa

Everything kind of starts in childhood, and that's what I was noticing. And I really wanted to help kids and teenagers work through the things that come up in this very transitional and very impactful time of life so that hopefully when they get older, they have some, you know, really good tools in their toolbox to move through their adult life and that they can look back and be able to ask for help, be able to kind of understand their emotions a little bit better. Yeah, I think it really surprised me how much I enjoy it. I mean, I knew I would enjoy it. It feels so fulfilling. And I really love getting to know the whole family. And something else that surprised me is how I do get to know the whole family through working with one kid and I get to know their whole world and I get to know everything going on in their whole world and I think that surprised me just how many people I get to know working with kids and teens. My go -to activity is UNO. I feel like UNO is so universal, it's so much fun, it kind of like gives us a little time to laugh and to also connect. It kind of helps, you know, relax the kids and the teens before they, you know, need to talk or maybe after they talk. It's so grounding. I also really, really like bubbles. I always do some bubbles so that I can teach kids and teens how to breathe. And it's such a great grounding practice after, you know, an emotional session or any session in general.

We’ve known Hari Simran Khalsa as a calming presence around our office for seven months, but we didn’t know bubbles were her secret weapon until now. We took a few minutes to sit down with Hari and get some insight into her experience at Child & Teen Counseling. In this short video we get a peek into her journey and her impact. Take a look and see why there’s no one better to teach you how to breathe at Child & Teen Counseling.

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