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Peter Merrell smiles warmly at the camera and is ready to talk about his experience at CTC

It’s a Wrap! with Peter Merrell

I'm most proud of the relationships I've built with my clients. I really enjoyed my time working with them, all of them, and it was just a great time of growth for me and a great time where I felt like I just formed connections with people in my community that I, for me personally, helped me a ton. This was a new place I lived and so having this as a job and with clients that live in this community, I felt like, you know, I immediately was a part of the community, which was really important to me. I think the biggest thing is just my ability to have fun with my clients in session. I think just creating a space that they just feel really comfortable to be themselves and talk about whatever they want to talk about was, has been one of my biggest strengths as a clinician and I think it worked out great for a lot of my clients and I really hope that they felt comfortable and felt like they could be themselves and kind of form their own self -identity. So I'm really proud about that. I think just how I approach therapy and as a therapist it really create a warm and inviting space for a lot of my clients. I will miss a lot about working here. I think my peers, my co -workers, Kent, my supervisor, and Brian. The whole team has been exceptional, and so fun, and so inviting, so welcoming. Makes you a little fearful about where I'm going next and the people I'm going to be with. I'm sure they'll be great, but it's always hard to kind of, you know, lose that kind of community and people that you've grown with and developed a lot of strong relationships with.

Peter Merrell has completed his training and leaves Child & Teen Counseling this week. We’re sad to see him go! During his time at our organization Peter made an impact by building connections with his clients and making them feel at ease, often through fun and playful activities. In this short video, discover what Peter enjoyed about his work at CTC and what he will miss most. Thank you, Peter, for your dedication and kindness. We will miss you and wish you the best in your future endeavors.

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Brian Frith-Smith
Brian Frith-Smith is the Office Manager and Marketing Coordinator of Child & Teen Counseling. He also serves the board as its Secretary and Treasurer. Brian brings a wealth of experience as a small business operator to the organization, and hopes to grow it into a household name for affordable mental health services in the Los Angeles area.

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