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Carl Rogers + Mr. Rogers = Ben Lewis

It's just fun. I mean, I've talked to a couple other people that that are in kind of my my cohort is what we call it, the people that that trained together with me, we all did in the same interview process. And and I think of all of us as sort of having, like, superpowers or strengths. And I think one of my strength is just kind of like getting on the floor and just whipping out a game and just getting lost in it for a little bit.
And while that may seem therapy adjacent, I think it's actually very much part of the process. And in a way, getting lost in the therapy process is what we want our clients to do. A kid is more likely to express how they're thinking and how they're feeling in nonverbal ways or ways that are not linear. And so part of the experience of being a therapist for children and teens is there's a gamesmanship and a strategy to making sure that they feel comfortable and that there's a passage of information between one person and another that is understood between each. 00:01:16 Speaker 2 This is a tough one. Hard to come up with any strength. No, I'm kidding. I think just the energy, the decor, the thoughtfulness, the synergy of the whole office. I think everyone that works here is fantastic and gets along really well, and then that ends up creating an environment where each person, no matter where they are in their development, can just kind of be at their best. And then that's, not to mention the training process, is really down to earth and humanistic and emotionally intelligent, but not overcomplicated. But it almost feels like a mix of Mr. Rogers and Carl Rogers kind of together, where it's play and it's human and it's connective and it's primal and simple and uncomplicated. And then on the other side, it's very thoughtful and warm and committed to improvement and change and positivity. And how can you do any better than that with kids and teenagers? 00:02:26 Speaker 2 It was an amazing performance. I think maybe if I had had a ghost co manager helping me, I may have fared a little bit better. But to the victor goes the spoils. And congratulations on a perfect season.
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Ben Lewis has been a Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee at Child & Teen Counseling for five months. So what has he learned about communicating with kids and what do you get when you add up Carl Rogers and Mister Rogers?
We deliver therapy adjacent musings in this sleekly crafted video with original music by none other than Ben Lewis himself. Bonus: watch Ben relive his epic championship loss to Megan Young in our staff fantasy football league

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