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Group Therapy for Teenage Girls: Checking in on Girls Who Glow

Checking In with Girls Who Glow

Girls Who Glow is Child & Teen Counseling’s therapy group for teenage girls which launched in March 2021. So how’s it going one month in? In this Therapycast, Child & Teen Counseling Marketing Coordinator Brian Frith-Smith checks in with Marriage and Family Therapist Trainee Adriana Navarro Gonzalez. She, along with Dr. Kat Valentine, hosts Girls Who Glow every Friday afternoon from 5:00 to 6:30pm. The group is online at present, but may become an in-person group once California “opens up” after quarantine.

Everyone knows being a teenager is tough, but what are the biggest issues teenage girls face today? How does group therapy even work? What are the advantages of being in a group, and do teenagers still have band posters on their bedroom walls? Adriana answers all these questions and discusses the power of having support from peers other than your closest friends. Find out why Adriana and Kat are so passionate about the work they do and why it’s a safe place for girls to talk about their struggles in this Therapycast.

Check out the Girls Who Glow page for more information and to get in touch directly with Adriana or Kat.

Is group therapy right for your kid? Watch Child & Teen Counseling’s Executive Director Kent Toussaint talk about it here.

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Brian Frith-Smith
Brian Frith-Smith is the Office Manager and Marketing Coordinator of Child & Teen Counseling. He also serves the board as its Secretary and Treasurer. Brian brings a wealth of experience as a small business operator to the organization, and hopes to grow it into a household name for affordable mental health services in the Los Angeles area.
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