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“Dudes Talkin’ Dude Stuff” and the Wisdom of John Garrison

I'm surprised at how much I love the work. I could definitely see myself doing this the rest of my life. I seem to have a lot of teenage boy clients at the moment. A lot of dudes talking about dude stuff. I think that's where it's been heading because I can relate to, not everything, but a lot of what these guys are going through right now. Generally in first sessions, And people are still kind of timid or unsure of what the process is going to look like or what the process is going to be. And so we try and keep it a little more lighthearted, at least at first. It doesn't mean we can't dive deep, but the Django with the questions is such a good one because it's a good mix of lighthearted ones, like who's your favorite celebrity, what's your favorite song, favorite band. and then it kind of, there's some ones in there where it's like, what does love mean to you? What does friendship mean to you? Therapy not only gives you insight into, or can give you insight into why you do the things you do, but it helps gives you tools that you'll be able to take with you through the rest of your childhood, your teenage years, and as you grow into being a fully fledged and formed adult, you know, and that will pay off dividends with potentially your future family.

John Garrison is a natural storyteller and the kind of guy who can relate to anybody, but at the outset of his CTC career he’s found himself to be a real “dude’s dude.” John started seeing clients here just a few months ago so we thought it was a good time to check in and see how it was going. Get a taste of John’s wisdom and his long view on the benefits of therapy for teens in this short video.

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Brian Frith-Smith is the Office Manager and Marketing Coordinator of Child & Teen Counseling. He also serves the board as its Secretary and Treasurer. Brian brings a wealth of experience as a small business operator to the organization, and hopes to grow it into a household name for affordable mental health services in the Los Angeles area.

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