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Ralph Huang as James Bond with an Aston Martin Automobile

Ralph Huang is an International Man of Intrigue

Ralph Huang: So I was born in Thailand, but my citizenship lies in Taiwan, and that's where I technically call home. I've lived in around seven countries throughout my life, the US. Being the latest one. But, yeah, I've seen a lot of people, a lot of different cultures, and I went to international school, so it's just people from everywhere in the world bunched up in one place. So it's definitely an experience, and I wouldn't trade it for anything else.
I think given my background and having moved so much, you lose a lot of these connections that you have with people that, as kids and teenagers, is really hard to build that, and then you add on to that where you're losing that a lot of the times. I understand how difficult it can be, so I think working with kids and teenagers going through transition periods in their young lives is something that I aspire to do and also just opening up conversations about mental health and how important it is, is something that I would want to do in the future. Specifically working with cultures that have a huge mental health stigma and also male clients. I think having male clients open up and really become vulnerable is very important and shows how strong they can really be and in tune with their emotions. Sure. I love going to the gym. That's something that I would like to keep consistent in my life for a really long time, in my free time. I also love video games, as a lot of boys do. I also like playing basketball. I love watching sports, TVs, movies. Yeah. These are just some of my passions for football or Americans call soccer. I love Arsenal. They're from England. And for basketball, I kind of, like, been back and forth, but I would probably say the Bulls is probably my team. Okay. Speaker 2 Wow. That's a bold statement, being here in Los Angeles. Ralph Huang: Yeah. I'm not afraid to say it. Speaker 2 Yeah, give us show us those biceps. I'm just kidding. You don't have to do that. Yeah, there you go. Ralph Huang: There's nothing really there right now.
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Ralph Huang has lived in seven different countries. How has this international experience shaped him and what he brings to the table as a therapist trainee? And of crucial importance, what are his favorite sports teams?
Child & Teen Counseling’s International Man of Intrigue nimbly answers all these questions in this hard hitting interview with Ralph.

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