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robert and alek on zoom with title: "five minute therapycast."

Therapy for Kids: The Best Lie Detectors in the World

00:00:01 Speaker 2 Hi. My name is Robert Jimenez. I'm a therapist trainee supervised by Kent Tucson at childcare counseling. 00:00:06 Speaker 3 Today we're joined by hello, I'm Alec. I'm also American family therapist trainee supervised by Kent Tucson.
00:00:16 Speaker 2 So before we get into today's video, Alec, can you can introduce yourself and let us know a bit about yourself. 00:00:22 Speaker 3 Yeah. So to start, I'm current getting my Master's in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in marriage and family therapy at Pepperdine University. Really excited to be doing it. I did my undergrad at Cal State Northridge and sociology and child and adolescent development. So it's definitely been like a process in the making and I'm really excited to be here. Other than that, I would say some of my interests. I really like cars and motorcycles and anything that goes fast. Always been since I was like a little kid, I really do, I love it. And then really like music and animals. I love my dogs. 00:01:02 Speaker 2 I love my cats too. Awesome. So for today's video, we're just going to be exploring a little bit about childhood counseling and kind of your experience here. So for the first question really is how do you like it so far at CTC and how would you describe the work atmosphere here? 00:01:20 Speaker 3 Honestly, I love it. It's definitely been really welcoming and a great place to learn and gather my experiences. I've been able to meet everyone that's on the team here and I think everyone has just been so warm and supportive and it makes sense, like, why they're in this field. So that being said, I just think that I couldn't have asked for a better place. I could not have asked for a better place. 00:01:49 Speaker 2 That's awesome to hear then. So with that kind of leading out of that, is there anything that has surprised you so far of working with kids? 00:02:00 Speaker 3 I think one of the things that's been really cool is how willing a lot of times our clients as children are to look at situations from other perspectives, to see them and not want to oppose a different viewpoint. Or oppose whatever's presented, which I think a lot of times in our heads, we think of these narratives of children or teens especially, liking to resist. Right. And we all know what it feels like to be that rebellious teen at one point or another, I think in full honesty. But I think it's just that kids have the ability to be present and utilize that time just like any adult would. 00:02:48 Speaker 2 So I know, as you train to become a licensed therapist, how would you describe your therapy style? 00:02:55 Speaker 3 I think coming at it from a really humanistic approach and just it's all about connection. It's about meeting the client where they're at and looking at it that way. When it comes to kids especially, it's like a kid is going to tell you if you're not being genuine or not. It's that saying of like, all kids are honest. So that being said, just coming in with a sense of genuineness and integrity and just like this is me and this is you, and we're going to figure out where we're at and allowing that to really be the base and the foundation for the therapy space, because being genuine is key, in my opinion. And how if that's the strong foundation, then we can build from there in a state of being supported by who we really are. 00:03:57 Speaker 2 That's awesome. And I think you're right. Yeah. Kids are some of the best lie detectors in the world, honestly. Okay, so for the final question for the day is, since you're a member of the LGT Plus community and you've gone through the process of coming out, do you feel like that experience has given you any particular insight or perspective that helps you as a therapist? 00:04:21 Speaker 3 Yeah, I think that everyone's coming out journey is so nuanced and so unique that going through it right. And coming out as gay, there is a level of uniqueness to each situation and with that comes an understood, lived experience that I can carry with humility and understand that everyone's experience is going to be different and everyone's experience is going to be so unique. There are so many different ways and perspectives and thoughts and each person is going to vary. And so I think that's what I learned the most through my experience is that everyone is unique and that we need to really come from a point of humility and open mindedness if we ever work with populations. 00:05:07 Speaker 2 Awesome. What a beautiful answer. Thank you for that. So, with that, please check us out@childteamcounseling.org. Is there any last words you want to say, Alec? 00:05:20 Speaker 3 No, I think you got it all. I can't wait to meet anyone. 00:05:24 Speaker 2 So awesome. So please give us a call or visit us@challengingcounseling.org. Have a wonderful day.
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Alek Koundakjian is a new Therapist Trainee at Child & Teen Counseling in Woodland Hills. We wanted to check in with him and see how it was going. What’s the work environment like at CTC, and can you get anything by those clever kids? Veteran CTC Trainee Robert asks the questions and gets the answers in this five minute Therapycast about therapy for kids.

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