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Veronica Torres gives two peace signs and smiles

Veronica Torres Establishes Her Personality

I originally wanted to work with kids and teens because I feel that when kids are kids and when teens are teens, such a pivotal time in their lives for a lot of development and change and a lot of personality establishment. And I feel that when people are such as parents or peers or teachers or really anyone, I feel like when they kind of impede on their growth, they become really confused adults, very unaware of their own actions and kind of.
Just not having a strong sense of self. And I feel like if we can kind of pinpoint this time and get them to grow in a way that. They feel better about themselves, and I. Feel like they'll be able to be more healthy adults. So I really feel like this time in their lives is the most pivotal time. And if we could just catch them there, they'll be really great, and they'll turn out really well. I think it wasn't necessarily, like, surprising, but it was more of a sense of affirmation that kids and teens know. A lot more than I think adults. Let them or believe in them to be. I think they're a lot more aware. And they're a lot more conscious of what's happening around them, and they make decisions based off of what they know. And I don't think a lot of people give them enough credit for it. And so when I'm meeting with a client who's younger or who's a child. Or a teen, they shock me in. Ways that I realize that they're more mature and they're more self aware than. Everyone really lets them be. I really like the autonomy that we get here at Child Teen Counseling. I love that we get our own room. We get our own little placard. We get to talk to the parents ourselves, to the kids ourselves. We just get a lot of freedom to kind of meet the client where they're at, whatever kind of approaches that we have. And I just really appreciate that.
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Child & Teen Counseling is elated to have the brilliant Veronica Torres as part of our latest cohort of therapist trainees. Veronica has been seeing clients since September and we wanted to find out how it ‘s going.
In this short video she pontificates on impediments to personality establishment in teens, and how kids are a lot more self aware than people give them credit for. Watch the video and enjoy some of her insight!
Veronica also co-facilitates our High School Girls Group with Jennifer Koerner.

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