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Jennifer Koerner is CTC’s Queen of Christmas

00:00:05 Speaker 2 So from my understanding, you know, how it is made different than someone who is trained to be a marriage and family therapist is that it's a little more universal. So outside of California, there's actually way more professional clinical counselors than there are marriage and family therapists.
I know. Amazing, right? So it's just easier to move around thinking long term if you ever want to move outside of state, it's an easier transition. 00:00:34 Speaker 2 I enjoy working with people, connecting with people, but specifically children and teens. I think that just being able to sit in a room and work one on one with somebody, finding out what makes them hurt, what makes them happy, and having just fine tuning that connection is really what drives me. I think what could be helpful for parents to know is that it's not going to happen overnight. It's a slow process, and the most important thing that a therapist tries to do with their client is build that connection and build trust. And once we get to that point, then you can start peeling back the layers of what's actually going on inside the individual. But that takes time. And I think that's an issue that we can run into with parents is that they want it to be like, okay, they're in therapy. Do they open up immediately? And you're like, Slow down, it's okay. We have to build that connection first before they're able to open up and actually do therapy with us. 00:01:46 Speaker 2 You're right. I love Christmas music. I love more traditional Christmas music. So I love like old holy night It's probably one of my favorites. I typically do not like to listen to it outside of the Christmas time just because it's the built up, 00:02:08 Speaker 2 built up excitement that you get when you have those limited months that you get to listen Christmas music and you're like, okay, let's be strict ourselves. The rest of the time you can listen to other music, and then it has that experience all over again. When you get to listen to it two months out of the year.
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Jennifer Koerner is a Professional Clinical Counselor Trainee at Child & Teen Counseling. So what does that mean, and how is it different from being Marriage and Family Therapist trainee? Jennifer reveals the answer to that question, and discusses what parents should know before sending their kids to therapy in this hard hitting, tell all interview. Plus, find out why she is CTC’s Queen of Christmas in this short video interview.

Jennifer also co-facilitates our High School Girls Group with Veronica Torres.

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