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Sipan Nazaryan reclines, unbothered by sharks circling behind him

Sipan Nazaryan Is CTC’s Renaissance Man

What I really like about working with kids is the big focus you have on relationship building. If I were to work with, say, a 37 year old man that would come in for therapy, that would be completely different from, let's say, a 14 year old teenager that has never had any experiences with therapy, and we really have to focus on relationship building. That's where the real therapy works out. So that's the one thing I really like about working with kids, is kids are very honest in that regard. If they are not feeling it, they'll let you know. And they're sort of really harsh critics.
But I think that's good just because that's going to make me into a better therapist. I have a really big room. There's four beanbags, there's tables, there's chairs. We have a bunch of games, board games. The way therapy goes, a lot of it, again, is focused on relationship building, especially with the younger clients. I found that you have to use board games and metaphors, sort of to act as metaphors for life and challenges and things like that, that they're going to face later on in life. What I do for fun, and this is a contrast is I really like to read and I really like combat sports, and I know that the Ven diagram for those two groups is a small sliver when they where they intersect. Last week last week I finished reading the Inserto. Inserto is Latin for uncertainty. The book was in Latin, but the author speaks like ten languages. So people who speak a lot of languages, they have to let you know that they speak a lot of languages. But yeah, I like combat sports and I like to read. I know, it's a really interesting contrast. Yeah, you too.
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Sipan Nazaryan is a trainee here at Child & Teen Counseling. He’s currently working on his Masters Degree at Pepperdine. Around here, we think of him as our local renaissance man. At once intellectual, yet obsessed with UFC fighting, he’s a unique and fascinating blend! Sipan has been seeing clients for about three months now, so how is he settling in? He reveals all the answers, including what makes him such an interesting paradox, in this short and amusing video.

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