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The Magic Toolbox with Deborah Carlon Episode 1: The “STOP” Skill

Let the magic begin!

Have you ever wondered how you could handle yourself more confidently in stressful situations? Or maybe your anxiety and impulsivity is keeping you from achieving your goals, or interfering with relationships?

Sometimes we create unrealistic definitions of “happiness.” In our frustration to achieve our goals we end up becoming more depressed. Maybe our most challenging goal is to create expectations that are achievable. We’re talking like the ones that we can meet, a little each day.

The Magic Toolbox is filled with practical techniques you can use every day to keep yourself on track. The kinds of things that get you closer to leading a life of meaning and value.

Your host, Deborah Carlon, is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist at Child & Teen Counseling. Her philosophy is that when we define our values and create plans to live in accordance with them, our lives — and those of the people we care about — become immeasurably more meaningful. We can learn ways to better communicate with others. We do this by identifying the behaviors/blocks/self -judgements that get in our way. This way we can enhance our own lives as well as those of others.

In this episode, Deborah discusses the “STOP” skill. It’s a useful skill or “tool to use when you are in a situation where your emotions may overtake your better judgement.” It’s a quick effective tool that can help you hit the “pause” button, thereby giving you a chance to act in a manner that will be effective, and hopefully without consequences you might regret. Hope you enjoy this episode of “The Magic Toolbox!”

About The Author

Deborah Carlon
Deborah Carlon is an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist brings a wealth of experience with her to Child & Teen Counseling. Deborah’s approach to therapy is extremely creative. She’s a classical guitarist with an artistic background and she brings it all into the therapy room with her.
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